Industrial Air Cooled Screw Chiller

SKU: DLA-S2-540A

Cooling capacity:120KW-1540KW ;Refrigerant:R22,R407C ;Chilled water range:5℃~20℃;Hanbell compressor;1 year warranty


products features:
* Precision twin-screw compressor,high efficiency and reliable
* Dry evaporator,low refrigerant charge
* High efficiency pipe and aluminum foll wing condensor,well-performance in defrost
* Low noise ,high efficiency axial fan
* Color touch-screen human -machine interface
* Industrial PLC micro-computer control 
* Self-adaption energy regulation 
* Wide outside temperature regulation range
* Perfect Breakdown protection 
products specification:
* Standard:GB/T18430.1
* Refrigerant:R22/R407C
* Refrigerant medium:water/glycol water
* Evaporator max water pressure drop:1.0MPa
* Pipe Connector:Bayonet
* Power supply: 380v/3p/50Hz
* Allowable voltage fluctuate: ±5%
* Allowable frequency fluctuate: ±2%
* Energy regulation way:step by step 
* Breakdown protection:high and low pressure protection,air discharge protection,oil level protection,waterflow protection,reverse and lack phase protection,chilled water anti-freezing protection,cooling water overheat protection 
* Packing:plastic film
products options:
* salt water evaporator
* whole heat recovery/partial heat recovery
* special power supply 
* stepless power regulation
* pump control
* remote communication connector
* English control screen
* flange adapter/reducing adapter
* normal wooden packing/flumigation wooden packing
Refrigation nominal conditions:chilled water inlet temperature12℃,outlet temperature 7℃,ambint dry bulb temperature 35℃,dirt coefficient of evaporator:0.018m2*℃/kw;
Special requirement ,pls contact Shanghai Dasen Industrial Co.,Ltd

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