40HP Air Cooled Scroll Chiller


Cooling capacity:110KW;double Copeland compressor;stainless steel water tankHanbell compressor;Siemens PLC;1 year warranty


products features:
* scroll hermetic compressor,inner safety protection,high efficiency,low breakdown,low noise,anti-vibration
* dry evaporator,low refrigerant volume
* High efficiency pipe and aluminum foil wing condensor,well-performance in defrost.
* Industrial rank desugn,built-in stainless steel tank and high head pump 
* precision digital temperature controller 
* no need cooling tower ,easy installation,convienent move,suitable for water-lack area
* electrostatic prevention spray-paint,elegant appearance,easy disassemble and maintenance
product specification:
* Standard:GB/T18430.2-2008
* Refrigerant:R22
* Refrigerant medium:water/glycol water
* Pipe Connector type:external thread
* Power supply: 380v/3p/50Hz
* Allowable voltage fluctuate: ±10%
* Allowable frequency fluctuate: ±2%
* start type:triangle stars start 
* Packing:plastic film
product options:
* salt evaporator
* tank and pump outside of chiller 
* chilled water bypass accessory 
* remote communication connector 
* English control screen and documents
* Special painting colour 
* fill nitrogen
* normal wooden packing 
* fumingation wooden packing
Refrigeration nominal conditions:chilled water inlet temperature 7℃,outlet temperature 12℃,ambient dry bulb temperature 35℃,dirt coeficient of evaporator:0.018m2*℃/kw;
Special requirement ,pls contact Shang Dasen Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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